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Car Rental Gateway

The GRCGDS car rental gateway has been optimised, to translate a myriad of supplier XML formats in to one common feed to car rental travel agents and brokers at high speed.
Any car rental company that utilises a car rental management software product that provides as an external access point for a range of XML services such as Availability, Booking, Cancellations etc can be integrated in to the GRCGDS gateway.
No matter what the format, this is translated in to one common format, that can be read instantly by any of the car rental travel agents or brokers that have already integrated into the GRCGDS gateway. In many cases a car rental company can be up and running on a new car rental brokers site in less than 10 minutes.

A car rental travel agent or broker, by integrating with our car rental gateway just once, can get access to a myriad of car rental companies without further development work, as adding a new car rental company supply source is just a click away.

Our process


Client Contact

We first learn about your company and what you want to achieve by integrating with our gateway so as to ensure we can deliver your expectations.


Quotation / Contract

We agree a rate for the service and a formal contract of service is signed by both parties.



Once contracts are signed, Integration is planned which will normally be completed within 2 working days

Analysis charts

Returning customers


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Completed projects


Market share

10% And Growing

What you receive ?

When you signup with the GRCGDS Car Rental Gateway You receive


Certified Integration


Maximum security

Top hardware

Latest High Speed Hardware


Gateway Updated Every Hour


Dedicated support


Fully Scalable Solution